The Bank was incorporated on November 20, 2004 and commenced business on April 1, 2013. It is licensed by the Bank of Ghana. See attached for copies of company registration, commencement of business and BOG license.

There abound potential customers not only in Tepa but also surrounding towns like Akwasiase, Manfo, Dwaaho, Asuhyiae, Kotei Nkwanta and Mabang. The bank is now operating only in Tepa. Branches are expected to be opened in some of these surrounding towns very soon and Kumasi as well.

The bank is governed and managed by well-educated and experienced Board of Directors within and outside Tepa district. Below are the profiles of the board of directors and the top management team.

Legal Status

Type of business: Banking

Date Incorporated: November 26, 2004

Date to Commence Business: December 26, 2004

Date of BOG License: April 23, 2013

Paid-Up Capital: Up to date