Credit Delivery

The primary products and services offered by the Bank in respect of Credit Delivery are listed below:

  • Salary Workers Loan
    • The Bank offers salaried workers loan for a period of 24months,
    • Overdrafts are also advanced to Salary workers.
    • Necessary documents are completed by Applicants.
  • Commercial Loans
    • Commercial loans are offered by the Bank, for instance trading, cottage industries, etc. these are secured by two customers who are customers of the Bank.
  • Funeral Loans
    • This is a traditionally motivated loan designed to meet the responsibilities of our customers who bereaved.
  • Agricultural Loans
    • Agricultural loan is granted to vegetable farmers within operational areas. It has a maximum period of one year. These loans are given to the formers when they are cultivating their produce to buy weedicides, fertilizers seeds and others. They repay these loans in full when they are harvesting their produce with the interest
  • Microfinance Loans

With the Micro – Finance loans, the bank operates Susu savings and Loans scheme. The following are the Target Group.

  • Chop Bar Operators
  • Petty Traders
  • Market Women
  • Artisans
  • Chemical Sellers
  • Cold Store Operators
  • Fish Mongers
  • Others

          The Susu Savings and Loans Scheme is operated in two forms

  • Individual Susu Loans
  • Group Susu Loans
  • Individual Susu Loans

Thus the individual customer qualifies for a loan facility after contributing for 3 months

  • Group Susu Loan

Individual Susu customers who contribute themselves into a proper group are considered for credit.