The Susu savings and loans scheme is the main Micro-Finance product of the Bank. It is generally aimed at mobilizing deposits rapidly and it also ensures that monies in circulation are brought into the banking sector.

It broadly consist of two main products as indicated below

  • A Susu Savings product (Primary Product)
  • A Susu Loan Product ( Secondary Product)
  1. Susu Savings Product

The following are the objectives of the Susu savings product.

  • To widen the clientele base
  • To improve loan recovery where loans are given to Susu clients
  • To inculcate the habit of savings in prospective small savers
  • To take banking services to people‚Äôs door-steps
  • To increase the deposit base

With the Susu loan scheme, the loan applicant should satisfy the following requirements.

  • The applicant should be in active business
  • Applicants should operate Susu savings account for at least three (3) months before eligible for loan.
  • Each applicant is assessed on his/ her own merit.