Qualification for Susu Loan

For a customer or a group to qualify for the Susu loan, a customer or a group should,

  • Contribute continuously for at least three months (on daily basis).
  • Provide 2 recent passport sized photograph
  • Be in active business that can generate regular income.

Concerning guarantee of Susu loans, the applicants contribute at least 33% of loan amount in his/ her savings account as security against the loan.

The applicants provide at least one (1) person in good standing as a personal guarantor.

With Susu loan repayment, it is done on monthly basis.

Loan duration is six (6) months.

Applicants make a daily contribution towards loan repayment.

There were 98 Susu loan customers of the bank which forms about 80% of the bank’s total loan portfolio as at May, 2014.


Total deposits mobilized by the scheme monthly is about GH¢101,524.17, Susu deposit forms about 38.83% of the total deposit.

The bank started with 700 Susu customers but now has over 3,200 customers which include Market women, Artisans, Petty Traders, Provision store operators, chemical sellers, cooked food sellers fishmongers and cold store operators.

Tepaman Rural Bank Limited has a pick-up and another to carry cash (bullion transporter).  The bank is accommodated in a story building with 7 rooms fully air-conditioned. All officers have been provided with computers and printers. The bank also has a photocopying machine and a scanner.