The Ahafo Ano North District with Tepa as its capital is among the leading farming areas in Ashanti Region. The district has a wide fertile land coupled with a favourable climate, which is not only ideal for small scale farming but also for plantation agriculture.  The major food crops cultivated in the district are plantain, maize, cocoyam, rice, cowpeas and vegetables.  Cocoa and oil palm are the main cash crops. Other agricultural activities in the area are poultry and livestock production. Manufacturing services including gari processing, blacksmithing, carpentry and metal fabrication are also prevalent in Tepa. Because Tepa is the District capital SMEs activities are prevalent in the area which attracted A lot of micro finance activities to the area. These micro finance organization have not been faithful to the traders in the area. They collect their deposits in the form of daily contributions (susu) and run away with it, collapsing their businesses. It was against this background that motivated the chiefs and the elders of Ahafo Ano District led by the able leadership of Nana Adu Atwenewa Ampem Tepa hene to establish the Tepaman Rural Bank with the view to providing credit to farmers, traders, craftsmen and cottage industries in the district.

All these provide a huge opportunity for enhancing local economic development if access to funds is appropriately addressed.