To be the bank of choice with the highest level of commitment to the community we serve.


To provide excellent customer service and a wide range of banking products that will ensure the viability of the bank, achieve and maintain leadership in rural banking and attain the highest returns on equity for its shareholders.


  • Committed for work
  • Respects for other
  • Passion for Customers
  • Operation and marketing
  • Open administrations


Primary objectives of the proposed Tepaman Rural Bank are as follows:

  • The mobilization of funds locally: The bank will seek to establish agencies anywhere within its catchment area to mobilize deposits which shall form the basis of the bank’s financial strength with approval from the Bank of Ghana. 
  • The TRBL, which is a community-based bank, will encourage the people of Tepa and its surrounding villages to patronize the activities of the bank.
  • The bank will provide a good link between Communities within its catchment area and Community Based Organizations (CBOs) NGOs, district Assemblies and other agencies involved in the mobilization and provision of financial support for development within the entire District.